Building an ADU?

GrADUate to Great Energy Savings!

Hawai‘i Energy is launching a new ADU pilot program designed to incentivize homeowners with energy efficient products that will reduce your energy use and save you money on your electric bill. We also provide cash incentives for specific energy efficient products – be sure to checkout the latest incentives for your home here. And just by learning about the benefits of energy savings, you will receive a FREE home energy kit valued at $60 from Hawai‘i Energy.

“Download, complete and submit this pledge form to let us know you’re in the process of building an energy efficient ADU. Use the button in the form to email, or send the form and any questions you have to We’ll send you a free energy kit to help you get started!”

An ADU (or accessory dwelling unit) is a home, built on a single-family lot, separate from the main dwelling. They include their own kitchen, bedroom and bathroom facilities and can be attached or detached from the existing single-family home.

In 2015, the City & County of Honolulu legalized the building of ADUs on O‘ahu as an important step in addressing the serious lack of affordable rental housing in Hawai‘i. (Read more here)

Hawai‘i Energy is proud to support the ADU initiative as it not only offers a sustainable solution to one of Hawai‘i’s most pressing community needs, but helps to reduce our state’s overall energy footprint.

As a homeowner:

  • Provides an additional source of income that can be used for mortgage payments, property taxes and other expenses.
  • Support for young family members in college or young families with children
  • Support for elder family members, especially those on fixed incomes. ADUs can also house caregivers or a family member who can help kūpuna live in their homes safely.

As a community member:

  • Increases the amount of affordable rental housing
  • Reduces urban sprawl while still maintaining neighborhoods’ character
  • Lower energy usage (as compared to building full-size units) and encourages adherence to building energy codes and standards
  • Creates work for local builders and contractors

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Model home offers closer look at ADUs

Star Advertiser: April 4, 2017

Model home offers closer look at ADUs

Star Advertiser: April 4, 2017

This site, created by Hawai‘i Appleseed, has all the info you need in one place to learn more about building and owning your own ADU!